The Hotel Ochsen in Überlingen

The special flair of Überlingen with its historical city centre is certainly created by the southern athmosphere with the various parks and gardens that grow perfectly in the warm climate. Überlingen is renowned for having the longest promenade at Lake Constance. And in the heart of this traditional old town just next to the ‘Mantelport’ Hotel Ochsen welcomes its guests.

The mild climate and the southern exposure with many days of sunshine create perfect conditions for a recreative stay. Being the southernmost Kneipp-Health-Spa in Germany and the only one in Baden-Württemberg, Überlingen has more than 50 years of experience with any kind of naturopathic treatments.

As a former imperial city Überlingen belonged to the wealthiest and leading cities of the region. Relicts from this time are the Cathedral St. Nikolaus with its unequal twin towers, the town hall, gorgeous patrician houses and the city wall.

For sport enthusiastic visitors Überlingen provides a huge variety of possibilities. Aquatic athletes find ideal conditions on Lake Constance, hiker and biker a huge and attractive network of trails, diversified tours and even horsemen, golfer and other sportsmen have a wide range of suitable offers.

Hotel Ochsen is the ideal starting point for all kinds of tours in the region: The White Fleet (the Lake Constance Excursion Boats) departs nearby and connects Überlingen with several cities and with the Flower Island 'Mainau'. And of course you can also explore the region comfortably by car.


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